TO. Who read this notice

FROM. Yo Master


This is the master of this blog, who will soon become yo favorite playlist's master. 

I am here to explain wtf is this blog for yall (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)s/have-no-f*&king-ideas out there. 

'Livin' Da Life' is mainly focused on the things that I like IRL. For now, I will introduce awesome songs from various timelines, genres, and counties. There will be translation available for English to Korean, and vice versa. Translations will be included explanations of cultural backgrounds or interesting facts within each song. Plus, I try my best to reflect my life's interests in this blog; introducing fashion, make-up, movie, and else.

Basically, you can keep looking, if you like what you see on my blog. On the other hand,... well... you still can keep coming until you find the post you like.

Thank you for reading this boring a** letter.




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`・+。*・+ ゚

Live the fullest life!


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